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Diamond Multimedia Wireless Range Extender WR300NSI (Review)

July 11, 2013

31sb-hryiOL._SY445_Wireless Range Extender WR300NSI
Bridge – Repeater – Access Point
Diamond Multimedia
$49.99 Retail
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Quick, what fits in the palm of your hand, can double the range of your wireless network, and  only takes five minutes to setup? Yeah, that’s a tough one but the answer is the Diamond Multimedia Wireless Range Extender model WR300NSI. A mouthful to be sure but you’ll be glad you said it after you’re able to extend the range of your wireless network to near double its current output.

Now, Diamond Multimedia doesn’t boast a particular amount of range extension but I found that my wireless network coverage umbrella was just about doubled to a whopping 150 feet around my house. I tested the WR300NSI by plugging it into various outlets around and outside of my house to find out its true range and found that at 150 feet I was beginning to lose the signal and switch to LTE. Immediately upon turning around back into the coverage area, my WiFi picked up and started working. Impressive.

31HJvpEzZsLIf I had several of these devices setup around my house or inconspicuously around the neighborhood, I could effectively provide Internet access through my main broadband connection for a large section of my subdivision. Now I probably wouldn’t do that but I might usurp a couple of my neighbor’s outside electrical outlets to extend my capable range so that I can enjoy my very own WiFi on my occasional walks to and from the neighborhood pool.

The unit setup quite fast. Basically you plug it in, connect it via the supplied Cat5 network cable to a laptop (or desktop), hit the built-in web server at, type in your wireless password (I hope you have a protected WiFi network) and you’re done once the unit reboots.

My suggestions for maximum coverage:

If you’re wanting to cover your whole house and a bit of outdoors, plug in the unit near the center of your house as high up on the wall as possible. Use an extension cord and place the unit somewhere inconspicuous but not blocked. If you’re providing access to a large yard, plug in the unit outside and perch it up high again for maximum coverage.

The signal, like any such signal, doesn’t travel well through neighboring houses. It’s not line-of-sight but the fewer restrictions, the better signal you’ll have.

Speaking of signal strength, place the unit where you see three wireless signal bars. That will give you maximum boost for your wireless signal and the best coverage overall. Fewer than three bars means that you’re repeated signal will be less than optimum. But hey, those who leech onto your signal can’t be too choosy right? You could tell them to use their cellular data connection instead, if they complain too much.

For $50, the WR300NSI is an excellent range extender. It does exactly what it says it does. Diamond doesn’t oversell this product by telling you that it will double your range but my field test says that it will.

Interestingly, this little pearl also acts as a wireless access point or a bridge. You change those settings in the Setup area of the internal web page. All it requires is a single click on your choice and a reboot. I wish I’d had this device two years ago when I struggled for several days setting up a bridge for my garage data center. It would have made my life much easier. Sure I learned a lot but I also probably heated up my room in hell doing it from all of the cussing and complaining that I did during the process. Feel sorry for my wife, since she had to hear the <expletives deleted> from my office and the garage over the course of my frustration. I digress.

briefing_r2_c2The WR300NSI is easy to setup and to use. You’ll love it. I do. I plan to extend my backyard coverage with it connected outside so my kids will stop using so much cellular data. Thanks, Diamond Multimedia, you’re saving me more than the cost of the unit in a single month of that.

I highly recommend the WR300NSI and I give it a solid 10 out of 10. I find no reason to complain about this product, which, if you read my blog–that’s a real deviation for me.

Why it’s frugal: The WR300NSI is frugal because it extends your wireless network inexpensively. Sure there are other products out there that do the same thing but not as inexpensive or as easy. Even grandma can setup the WR300NSI and that’s worth a portion of Fort Knox, if you know what I mean. Anything that prevents those free family support phone calls is a very good thing.

Recommendation: If you need to extend your WiFi network, buy it. It makes a great gift too. Imagine getting one.

Review: 10/10

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