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The IBM PowerLinux 7R4 Interview with Chuck Bryan (Podcast)

August 15, 2013
The IBM PowerLinux 7R4 Server.

The IBM PowerLinux 7R4 Server.

Chuck Bryan, Team Leader for Linux on Power Systems, and I discuss Power 7 and Power 7+ Systems, the power behind the famous Watson computer, and the recent Linux on Power Systems announcement from IBM, the IBM PowerLinux 7R4 server.

PowerLinux systems run industry standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. You can also partition Power Systems using PowerVM virtualization tools to run Linux, AIX, or IBM i applications.

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This interview focuses on IBM’s announcement about the new PowerLinux System (PowerLinux 7R4) for analytics and cloud computing. The PowerLinux 7R4 server is the same technology behind Watson. The purpose of the PowerLinux 7R4 is to provide businesses with a system that is an energy and cost-efficient computing platform to run your data-centric workloads for analytics, transaction processing, applications, and other compute-intense workloads.

The Power Systems line provides you with a secure, reliable computing and energy efficient virtualization platform.

An interesting addition to IBM’s announcement, that Chuck discusses during the podcast, is that IBM has partnered with EnterpriseDB, the company that develops and supports the open source database, PostgreSQL, to bring you a low-cost, Oracle-compatible solution. EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server allows you to seamlessly migrate off of Oracle and onto an equally capable database (RDBMS) for a fraction of Oracle’s cost.

In May 2013 IBM opened the world’s first IBM’s Power Systems Linux Center in Beijing, China and in June 2013 IBM announced its intention to open two more IBM Power Systems Linux Centers in New York and Austin, TX.

IBM for Midsize Business

This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet.

I’ve been compensated to contribute to this program, but the opinions expressed in this post are my own and don’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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