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SpiceWorks Launches New Profile Pages and Jobs Board

October 29, 2013


AUSTIN, Texas – October 29, 2013

Today at SpiceWorld 2013, Spiceworks announced new IT Profile with Project pages and a job board to help more than 4 million IT professionals, who use Spiceworks, showcase their work, highlight their technical expertise, and identify new career opportunities.

The new IT job profiles allow users to include their community contributions, the vendors they follow, the content they find valuable, and traditional resume components, such as work experience and certifications.

IT projects can now be added to any profile and can include photos, videos, geographic information, budgets and more than 40,000 individual IT products and services from Spiceworks’ catalog of solutions. Spiceworks reimagines and redefines the online IT resume by providing a rich, visually appealing account of the technologies and people involved in the IT experience.

“IT professionals have and amazing ability to architect and use technology solutions to solve really complex business problems, so we wanted to give them a way to share those experiences with peers, partners, and future employers, ” said Tabrez Syed, Vice President of Products at Spiceworks. “Collectively, the new profiles and job board represent major steps forward in how IT professionals share information about themselves, their work, and the technologies they rely on to do their jobs.”

Spiceworks’ new profiles with projects for IT professionals are available to SpiceWorld attendees today and will roll-out to others in the network over the next quarter. Spiceworks’ job board is available today. IT professionals can sign up for their new profiles and learn more at http://community.spiceworks.com/people.

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