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Listening to myself: Eskuché Headphones (Review)

November 15, 2013

Orange_V2Eskuché Control V2 Headphones
Classic Design * Modern Sound

There’s something seductive about any product that is based on a classic style. Whether it’s furniture, cars, clothes, or headphones, there’s something special in those updated retro designs. That’s what you’ll find with the Control V2 lineup of Eskuché (es-koo-chay) headphones. It’s also cool that they have an exotic sounding name. I wasn’t exactly sure how to pronounce Eskuché until I saw the phonetic helper that I’ve also provided for you.

But, it doesn’t matter how the name sounds, it matters how the product sounds and this one sounds like professional-quality to me.

The padded earpieces filter out all but the loudest of external noises. Even on lower volumes, I have to remove the headset to hear what someone is saying to me. The headband is also padded for greater comfort. The cord that attaches to your computer or other device is a soft, braided one instead of a rubber-coated one. Being soft and braided means that it won’t catch on other rubber-coated cords or get tangled easily. The cord is also far more forgiving than the rubber-coated ones. It moves as you do. There’s no stiffness to it.

Beyond the retro styling, the Eskuché Control V2 headphones are an excellent piece of audio workmanship. The sound is clear and crisp with no fuzziness that you sometimes get with ear-covering ear cups.

For you audiophiles, here’s the technical data:

Driver diameter: 40mm
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Input plug diameter: 3.5mm

The headset also has a 3-button control microphone on it. Upon casual use, I didn’t notice this feature, which means that I’ve unknowingly embarrassed myself multiple times over the past week or so. I make a lot of Skype calls and I have an external microphone for those calls. I assumed, incorrectly, that this headset was just a headset and not also a microphone.

I wondered why my recorder was still responding to my extraneous noises when my microphone was muted–it has a blinking light when on mute, so there’s no doubt. After having a couple of people pause during a conversation and a “Bless you,” I figured it out and fixed the problem. I went back through my recent calls to find out just how obnoxious I’ve been and it’s not as bad as I’d thought. Still, I should have read the box a bit before plugging in and assuming all would be OK. Totally my fault but be warned that the headset has a built-in microphone. Be sure that your devices are setup to use the correct input and output so that you don’t have the same problem.

The pair that I reviewed are a very 1970s burnt orange color. There are other colors from which to choose: Light blue, chocolate brown, and cream.

KRM_lookbookI like the colors, but if you’re really going retro, there’s another list of colors that should have been used that include burnt orange: Avocado green, coppertone, harvest gold, and that loud red color that some called “Poppy.” If you’re going retro, you’ve got to go all the way.

The headset also has a music player button on the same control as the volume up/down for the microphone. If you’re using an Apple device and you press it, your music app launches and begins to play. You can also use that button for answering/hanging up your phone.

Why it’s Frugal: The Eskuché is frugal because the headset is quality made down to the 90° (right angle) input jack, so that the wire doesn’t become weak and worn. The frugality comes from being able to use a device for a period of time that offsets its cost. In other words, if you could only use the headset for three months, it wouldn’t be worth the price. Three years or more is a different story.

In all, the Eskuché headset is excellent. I really enjoy using the headset, especially now that I’ve discovered all of its features. The headset is well made, lightweight, durable and well worth the $60 price tag. If you’re an avid musicphile, you’ll love the great sound. If you’re a casual user, you’ll love that cool hipster, retro look. You’ll also like that soft cord that stays out of your way and untangled. If you’re a podcaster or audio editor, you’ll enjoy the comfort of the headset. Sometimes I forget that I have it on–honestly.

If there’s an Apple store or a Best Buy near you, I suggest that you go and try out the Eskuché headset for yourself. There’s no amount of discussion that can match your own experience. I’ve used a lot of headsets of every shape and description and I really like this one.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: Go try them out for yourself and listen to the sound quality. Don’t forget to look in a mirror to see how cool you look.

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