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Checking Out the CHIC BUDS Porta Party Bluetooth Speakers (Review)

May 16, 2014

CHIC BUDS Porta Party Bluetooth SpeakerPorta Party Bluetooth Speakers (Katie)
CHIC BUDS, A Division of FxA
$49.99/$41.94 Amazon (Prime)

I’ve reviewed several Bluetooth speakers on this blog but none as fun or as unique as the Porta Party Bluetooth Speakers by CHIC BUDS. But, I’m a little confused by the company name. On the web site, I’ve seen it as chicBuds and CHIC BUDS, but on the package it’s CHIC BUDS and CH!C BUDS. So, for the purposes of this review, I’m going to use CHIC BUDS because I’ve seen it on the packaging and on the web site that way. It actually doesn’t matter how you spell it, though, because the Porta Party (And, it’s Porta PARTY, not POTTY) is an awesome little speaker with a HUGE sound.

I don’t usually use all caps to describe something but since I’m going with the all caps company name, why not just go all the way. Seriously, this small jar-sized speaker packs a big sound. When I first turned it on, I figured that it would be a small, tinny sound because of the diminutive stature. I was wrong. Really wrong.

There’s no tinny sound from this little pocket-sized bomb. The trebles are loud and clear and the bass is body thumpingly deep. If I were to sum up the sound quality and volume into a single word, it would be, “Impressive.”

If sound alone weren’t enough to sell you on the Porta Party speaker, check out its stats and features:

  • Standard USB/DC charging port
  • Play 30 ft. away from sound source
  • Hands-free call answering
  • Bluetooth music playing
  • Weighs just 8 ounces
  • Uses a 3.5mm audio cable (included)
  • Charge lasts up to 10 hours
  • USB cable included
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Easy device pairing
  • 4.7 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches

In their own words:

“In 2005, the founders of CHIC BUDS recognized a need in the market for technology accessories created specifically for females, and CHIC BUDS was launched.

Today, CHIC BUDS, a division of FxA, continues to be a company of girls designing and developing fashionable, fun and functional tech accessories for all of us girls that heavily rely on technology yet still delight in embracing our own personal style. At CHIC BUDS, we embrace and celebrate individuality and creativity amongst all women and girls which drives us to bring all the hard-working women and girls around the world more fun choices when it comes to their technology accessories. Our product line up not only solves the modern girl’s tech style challenges but also delivers the function we all require.”

So, I know that these speakers are “created specifically for females,” but guys can buy them too and just use them ironically. To me, the Porta Party speakers are kind of like Cosmos, you know, the drink. They’re so good and yet not really something you want your friends to see you drinking. My brother-in-law once asked my wife and me, “Have you guys ever had a Cosmo? They’re yummy!” Yeah, they’re yummy, Scott.

Sound Nerd Info:

  • Transmission distance: 10m/30ft
  • Bluetooth frequency: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
  • Output: 3W
  • Speaker: Ø40MM, 4Ω
  • Audio bandwidth: 200Hz-20KHz
  • SNR: ≥80dB
  • Li-ion: 3.7V/500mA

Using the Porta Party speaker is very simple. Switch it to the ON position on the bottom of the speaker. Turn on Bluetooth on your device. When ChicBuds Porta Party appears in your Bluetooth device list, tap it to connect. You’re connected. Play music, make a phone call, answer a phone call, and have fun with your tiny boom box (large handle and shoulder not required).

2014-05-15 19.29.56OK, I just thought of something funny to do with your Porta Party speaker. Have a friend call you and answer it on the Porta Party by pressing the Phone button near the bottom edge of the speaker. Put the speaker in your purse. While you’re in a store, have your friend start yelling and screaming, “Let me out of here. Help! I’m trapped in this purse. Stop just looking and help me.”

That should start a party and a conversation.

Hopefully that conversation won’t end with, “You have the right to remain silent…”

One thing to note about the Porta Party speaker. To skip to the next or to the previous song, press the + or – button once. To turn up or to turn down the sound volume, press and hold the corresponding button. If you’re using the speaker as a phone, speak into the Mic located near the Phone and Volume buttons.

To charge the speaker, plug in the supplied USB cable’s small end into the speaker and the other end into your computer’s USB port. Mine charges in 2-3 hours.

My wife and daughter both love the Katie style speaker and have both expressed a desire for one. In fact, to write this review, I found the speaker on my wife’s desk and I didn’t put it there. It had been in my office in the “Review Queue” to my knowledge. I was wrong. Fortunately, it still had a charge on it and I’m currently playing it as I write this. It’s playing my “Workout” playlist on my iPhone 5.

In fact, I thought I had the sound down sufficiently but when “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” by Panic! at the Disco came on, my daughter came in and sang with it. She was supposed to be doing homework.

Why it’s Frugal: The CHIC BUDS Porta Party isn’t frugal. It’s not a frugal device. It’s a luxury device. It’s a fashion-forward accessory that’s fun and powerful enough to provide all the sound you need, but frugal it’s not. And as any woman will tell you, if it looks good (and sounds good), it doesn’t have to be frugal.

The Porta Party Bluetooth speaker is on the upper end of the price range for an electronic gadget like this. $50 is a pretty big chunk of change for this accessory. Fortunately, you can grab one for almost $10 off that MSRP by buying it from Amazon. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, which I strongly recommend, you’ll save shipping costs and get it in two days.

Although I’m kind of complaining about the price tag, $50 is about average for portable Bluetooth speakers. There are some that sell for $40-ish and some sell for as much as $150. The CHIC BUDS Porta Party Bluetooth speaker is very well made and attractive. It should provide years of enjoyment and look darn good doing it.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: Have him buy you one or splurge on yourself. You deserve it.

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