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Three reasons why a software KVM switch is better than hardware

December 3, 2014

Edge RunnerGuest post by Chris Kowal
VP, EdgeRunner
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Hardware KVM switches have been around for decades as they provide the useful ability to control multiple PCs with a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse. However, technology marches on and today this capability is being replaced by software KVM switches that are less costly and provide superior functionality.Software KVM switches virtualize the function of KVM switch hardware and seamlessly blend keyboard and mouse sharing (KM) functions with keyboard, video and mouse sharing (KVM) functions, providing the unique capability to work with multiple computers regardless whether they have a monitor or not, are local or remote or are physical or virtual machines.The flexibility of software KVM switches enable them to support configurations that are difficult to deploy with hardware KVM switches and create a degree of integration between multiple PCs to the point they seem to meld into a single multifunctional computer.

Software KVM switch technology, like Multiplicity 3, is rapidly finding its way into main stream applications like process control, securities trading and 911 command centers. If you are considering a hardware approach to your KVM switch needs, read on to learn the three reasons to implement software KVM switches in place of hardware KVM switches.


1) Flexible Configurations Support Higher Productivity
Software KVM supports seamless integration for all of your system components, including support for high resolution monitors (including 4K), headless PCs, virtual machines and tablets like the Surface Pro. Advanced user capabilities, such as data and audio transfer, simplify sharing of information and alerts across systems. Security capabilities enable user control over all aspects of remote connections and provide AES-256 data encryption whenever data is moved between systems.

2) Universal Monitor Compatibility
Software KVM switches work seamlessly with any combination of connection ports, and do not have backward or forward port compatibility issues. Universal monitor compatibility is a requirement if your PCs are from different manufacturers or of different ages as they likely have a variety of connection types (VGA, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, PS2, USB) making it nearly impossible to find a hardware switch with the right connector combination.

3) Low Cost and Easy Upgrade
Software KVM switches are typically five times less costly than hardware KVM switches, usually priced under $100 USD. Additionally, software KVMs can be conveniently downloaded, speeding deployment and won’t wear out eliminating the cost and concern of replacing hardware components. Keeping up with enhancements is as simple as downloading the latest version.

MultiplicityAs Software KVM technology continues to advance, the business case has become obvious and the demand is rising. A recent implementation of software KVM in an automotive process control environment eliminated extra hardware, going from 6-8 keyboards and mice per workstation to one, and reducing hardware KVM switch, cable and amplifier costs by $2,000 USD per workstation. Switching to software KVM generated enough savings for the automotive manufacturer to fund the new systems required to support an expansion of their operation.

If you use a KVM switch now or are thinking of getting one, you should take a test drive and download a software KVM switch for a free trial.


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