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280 Group Announces Release of “Optimal Product Process 2.0” book for Product Management/Marketing

December 8, 2014

280 GroupBrian Lawley, 280 Group CEO and Founder, announced this week the release of the book Optimal Product Process™ version 2.0, which outlines the company’s modern, up-to-date product lifecycle management process that meets today’s Product Management and Product Marketing challenges.

The new ebook, available on December 8, 2014, from http://www., has been revamped based on feedback from the 280 Group’s clients, training attendees and the overall Product Management community. “We utilized the feedback from tens of thousands of our training and consulting clients as well as the overall Product Management community,” says Lawley. “The new version is much more flexible, and can support teams using various methodologies, including Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid development. It can be easily adapted for nearly any environment, industry, or market.”

Lawley says the original impetus for the book came from several factors:

  1. Methodologies, frameworks, product process, training and other materials available for product management and product marketing were out of date. “Most of what was out there was developed in the mid-1990s or early 2000s,” Lawley says. “Between the Internet, social media, new development methodologies, rapid release cycles, and instantaneous availability of competitive information, the jobs of Product Manager or Product Marketer had completely changed, so we wanted to address that need.”
  1. In many companies, there was a lack of clarity on the roles and responsibilities of Product Management and Product Marketing. Some companies tried to have one person fill both roles. In other places, each discipline had one person assigned to each role, but with no clear direction, there was overlap of some tasks, while other critical tasks were completely overlooked.
  1. Companies had adopted new methodologies such as Agile without the strategic underpinning required for success. “An Agile development process is certainly exciting in terms of rapid software development,” says Lawley. “But what we were seeing is that at the same time companies were embracing this new development model, they were also not performing other critical functions of the lifecycle—developing business cases, crafting marketing strategy, and planning for end-of-life. So we wanted to create something that takes advantage of quick development – without missing the strategic elements necessary for optimum success.”
  1. There was no consistency in methodology from company to company, so Product Managers and Product Marketers were not able to leverage skills effectively as they switched companies or industries.

“We drew on the base-level work we had participated in during 2009-2010 when we helped the AIPMM (Association of International Product Management & Marketing) create the worldwide standard seven phase lifecycle model,” Lawley explains. “We took the seven phase lifecycle and dramatically expanded it to build a comprehensive product process that goes beyond a basic training course to include corresponding templates, books, certifications, and coaching programs.”

The seven phases described in the book include Conceive, Plan, Develop, Qualify, Launch, Maximize, and Retire. One change in the Second Edition of the Optimal Product Process is that Phase VI has been changed from “Market” to “Maximize.” This change was made to fully maximize revenues and profitability by reflecting the need for continual marketing programs, as well as other activities, such as demand generation, competitive responses, public relations, incorporating customer feedback into future revisions, and supporting the sales force.

“Higher profits, better products and long-term competitive advantage are the result of implementing excellent Product Management methodology,” says Lawley. “By applying the Optimal Product Process, companies can expect to deliver products that delight their customers and at the same increase revenues and profitability.”


Brian Lawley is recognized as a thought-leader and authority on the profession of Product Management and Product Marketing. He is the CEO and Founder of the 280 Group, which transforms organizations and individuals to perform highly effective product management. Lawley is author of five best-selling Product Management books and one of the creators of the Optimal Product Process™. He is also the former President of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA), was awarded the AIPMM Award for Thought Leadership in Product Management, and has been featured on World Business Review and the Silicon Valley Business Report.

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