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The Sixth Flag Named “Best of 2016” in the 15th Annual Mobile Star Awards™

November 2, 2016

The Sixth FlagRaleigh, NC- November 2nd, 2016 The Sixth Flag, Inc. today announced that its Desktop-As-A-Service was named one of the best mobile products of year in the 15th annual Mobile Star Awards™ program, hosted by the mobile technology directory and news site MobileVillage.com.

The Sixth Flag, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based Desktop-As-a-Service firm for global teams and organizations in need of Remote Desktop Management solutions, won the Rising Star Award in the Mobile Remote Desktop/VPN category. The only two other winners in this category are VMWare and Citrix, two of the leading DaaS market providers.

“Recognition of The Sixth Flag as Rising Star in DaaS reflects our commitment to continuously improve our offering to get to the top. We identified demand in the mobile desktop marketplace for simple, secure and easy to manage virtual desktops.  Today, with the increasing security challenges faced by enterprises globally, we are confident that our solution addresses these organization’s most immediate needs, at a very competitive price,” said Pete Kofod, founder of The Sixth Flag, Inc.

Earlier this year, The Sixth Flag reported mentions as Representative Vendor in four key Gartner reports. The Sixth Flag was specifically recognized for its Desktop-as-a-Service as a true cloud- based solution in the Gartner Cool Vendor in Endpoint Computing report. The Gartner report states “products that require no special software on the endpoint and are OS-neutral are especially better in that they can enable CYOD and BYOD — and effectively allow users to pick the device of their choice.” By using standard web browsers, The Sixth Flag (TSF) actively supports growing organizational mandates for BYOD.  Furthermore, TSF’s patent-pending watermarking technology known as dewdrop.tsf offers strong protection for organizations concerned about the loss of intellectual property.

The ability to securely deliver Windows(tm)-based applications to a distributed and dynamic workforce continues to challenge technology leaders.  According to Gartner, technology leaders should “plan to provide Win32 applications virtually or remotely in a container to users, or as part of DaaS to enable more agile management and diversity for user endpoint devices.”  Pete Kofod agrees with this assertion and states, “the ability to confidently and securely deliver legacy applications to remote users is a recurring problem facing our customers.”

Since its debut, The Sixth Flag has been transforming DaaS with its award-winning solution. Easy to integrate and deploy, the company’s clients have reported great results in delivering legacy applications to remote users where uncompromised performance, global availability and ground-breaking security is paramount.

About The Sixth Flag, Inc.
The Sixth Flag Inc, is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based  Workspace-As-a-Service firm for global teams and organizations in need of Remote Desktop Management solutions.  Launched in 2015, TSF provides a web-based, cost effective and secure throw away desktop for today’s global, mobile teams. Its cloud-based, HTML-rendered Workspace-as-a-Service requires no dedicated hardware, thereby eliminating the need for organizations to spend on capital outlay. With nothing more than a browser, users can access their corporate desktop from anywhere in the world, whether from a laptop, desktop, or tablet.  Because user data is not stored on the local device, loss of a device does not represent compromise of sensitive organizational data. For more information, visit www.thesixthflag.com

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