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Phoenix Republic: The Lone Star Gambit (Podcast)

November 25, 2013 Comments off

Phoenix_RepublicPhoenix Republic: The Lone Star Gambit
Danielle Wedgeworth
Amazon: Kindle Edition $4.99/Paperback $15.71

I had the opportunity to speak to author Danielle Wedgeworth about her new novel, Phoenix Republic: The Lone Star Gambit, which is available now on and other outlets.

Visit Danielle’s website for more information on ordering, obtaining a signed copy, or discussing nuances of the book with her.

Podcast Info:
MP3 format. 19:55 minutes. Rated G for all audiences.

This political thriller will put your teeth on edge because of its very real look at one possible, but fictional, outcome of our current political and economic climate.

“Three ordinary American sisters from Texas must cope with the destruction of their comfortable lives. They must survive the dangers of dramatic upheaval as they rediscover their faith amidst an economic tsunami affecting the United States and Europe.

Following a collapse of the U.S. dollar, Kate, Megan, and Annie each struggle to overcome personal failings as they make their way back home to the Texas ranch where they grew up, and back to their core values. If an economic collapse was not enough, Americans must also contend with the rise of a profound level of oppression brought on by a statist political class, as well as a fundamental power shift in the Middle East.

The situation is dire and freedom-loving Americans will be gravely tested if they wish to retain their freedom and their God-given rights.”

After reading this book, I feel like pulling a significant amount of money out of the bank and burying it in the back yard–just in case. If this book doesn’t send a few chills up your spine, check your pulse. I’m not sure that I’ll ever be the same.

If you check out Danielle’s site and the incredible art on it, created especially for Phoenix Republic, let her know that you agree with me that this book and images would make an incredible Graphic Novel. Because it would.

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