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The iProp Universal Tablet Stand: The Return of the Bean Bag (Review)

July 2, 2013

iprop-ipad-standiProp Universal Tablet Stand
$29.99 Retail, $29.99 Amazon (Prime qualified).

When I first heard of the iProp Universal Tablet Stand (iProp), I didn’t know what to think. I have seen other stands and, in fact, I have one that is a bit awkward to use and only works on rigid surfaces. But the iProp is cool in that it can sit comfortably on just about any surface including laps, tables, beds, chairs, floors, and carpet, because it conforms to the surface with its “bean bag” construction. And who doesn’t love bean bag stuff?

The iProp does its job well. In my house, we have iPhones, iPads, and iPad minis and they all work very well with the iProp. My daughter Maria loves the iProp and uses it for reading and working with her iPad mini for everything except video games. Apparently you need to hold the iPad for that.

The iProp has several clever features but our favorite is that you can stash your earbuds and power cable into the zipper pocket for safe keeping and handy access because you don’t want to disturb others while you watch YouTube videos. And you certainly don’t want to run low on power during the all-important Minecraft world creation.

I like to use the iProp to hold my iPad while using my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. It works much better than the aforementioned rigid stand. I can use the iProp up close and it’s the perfect height to avoid neck strain during my long hours of article writing. The iProp makes writing on the iPad pleasant.

iprop_rdThe iProp currently is available in two colors: Silver (Light Gray) and Black. It is lightweight at just 7.4 ounces and its small footprint (5.9″ x 7.1″ x 5.9″) makes it easy to carry or pack.

Although I’m not sure why, but the plastic tablet rest/holder detaches from the rest of the unit with snaps. Perhaps it does so for convenience if you should need to wash the iProp or for more compact packing. But, in any case, it’s there as an added feature if you should need to separate the two pieces.

The iProp adjusts to minimize glare from your tablet and to accommodate your optimum viewing angle. Just mash it around like you would any bean bag type product until you’re satisfied. You’ll find the iProp stable and comfortable to use no matter how picky you are.

From a quality perspective, the iProp is very well made. I’m impressed with the construction and apparent durability. The product feels good in your hands and is something that you’d be proud to use in public settings such as lunch, bookstores, presentations, seminars, group meetings, or at home. This product will outlast many generations of iPads.

I can honestly recommend the iProp as a phone or tablet accessory. I use it in the kitchen to hold my iPad when I’m on allrecipes.com concocting a new creation for my family.

I love the iProp and so does my daughter who will probably take it to her room and never allow me to touch it again.

iprop-silver-detailThe iProp is frugal because you will only need this one product to hold your tablet or phone, regardless of manufacturer. The iProp is compatible with Apple products, Androids, the Microsoft Surface tablet, and all mobile phones.

Maria’s Review: 10/10

My Review: 9/10

Recommendation: If you need a tablet or phone stand, get the iProp.

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