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Apple Begins Selling Nova – The First Wireless, Bluetooth iPhone Flash

November 10, 2014

Sneaky Squid LLC – novaphotos.com

  • Nova is the first wireless, Bluetooth iPhone flash and will be sold in the Apple Store
  • Funded on Kickstarter in 2 days, Nova raised 3-times its funding goal by backers in more than 60 countries
  • Created by former Senior Google Engineer (Mobile and Photos)

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  • Nova is the first wireless, Bluetooth flash for iPhone. Apple starting selling Nova online at www.apple.com in November 2014, and it will be available at select Apple stores in the United States and Canada later this month.
  • Nova is a portable, sleek iPhone accessory that fits in a wallet and can go everywhere your iPhone does. Unlike other iPhone flash accessories, Nova has a Bluetooth connection to avoid dealing with clunky connecting cables and packs 10-times the number of LEDs as alternative options to give users greater control over their photos (to create consistently great photos).
  • Nova is the photographer’s friend, providing beautiful natural light. It gives users the creative freedom to position and angle the light where they need it. Nova also offers a custom option to select from cool to warm and soft to bright light using 40 LEDs set behind a built in diffuser.


  • Joe Walnes (Former Senior Engineer at Google, Mobile and Photo products)
  • Alex Lukashevich (Software Services Manager, DRW Trading Group)


Nova is the first wireless, Bluetooth flash for iPhone users to capture consistently great photos. With a beautiful natural light, Nova captures photos that are rich with color and depth, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, with soft shadows, that makes everyone look their best. It is an off-camera and wireless accessory designed to provide the right light in the right place for amazingly lit photos. Anyone can point and shoot or unleash the artist within using different positions and tilting the light.

The Nova features and details include:

  • 40 cool and warm LEDs behind a soft diffuser, controlled by the app
  • 4 presets: gentle for close ups, warm for portraits, neutral for daylight and bright for groups or strong background light
  • Custom option to select exact cool to warm and soft to bright light
  • Slim design to fit in a wallet
  • Requirements: iPhone 4s and above, running iOS 7 or later
  • Price: $59 – novaphotos.com/presskit for hi-res photos
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