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Keys Reinvents Musical Keyboard With Gesture Controls, Modularity and LEDs

March 17, 2015

Playing opho Keys

San Francisco, CA. – March 5, 2015Opho (formally Incident Technologies) creators of the gTar, today announced Keys, the first modular keyboard with full sized LED keys to combine gesture control, simple computer connectivity and an iPhone app to gamify learning for beginners. Keys gives pros a one of a kind, durable and powerful keyboard with light up swipe and proximity gesturing, as well as effortless modular linking.

To pre-order Keys today, visit: www.playkeys.io

Check out the video demos:

Play Keys with gestures only

Keys Demo using an External Module

Connect your Keys Keyboards

The Key’s companion iPhone app instantly transforms the 24-key keyboard into a rhythmic game that directs the musician to the right key at the right time to play a song. With a library of songs to choose from and various learning and practice modes, users simply connect their iPhone to Keys utilizing Keys’ magnetic dock. Keys also modularly links to additional Keys keyboards and control panels to offer professional DJs and musicians a total customizable experience.

The Keys Keyboard with iPhone Connected

“We’ve taught thousands of people to successfully play the guitar with gTar,” said Idan Beck, founder and CEO of Opho. “Our customers and our team felt that a keyboard-like device would offer even more accessibility, as well as be more portable and affordable. We designed and developed Keys from the ground up to be a modern take on the musical keyboard, leveraging the platform that we originally built for gTar.”

Keys uses AMON technology, a unique magnetically actuated wireless communication technology, which allows multiple Keys to magnetically connect and create real time ad- hoc networks. This means no wires and no configuration. Just snap modules together to create variably sized keyboards or modular control surfaces. Then, when you’re done, take it apart and fit your entire rig in your backpack.

Connect Multiple Keys Keyboards for the Ultimate Music Experience

Key Features

Plug. Play. Simple. – Simply connect Keys with your mobile device or computer and launch the app – it’s that easy.

•One keyboard to rule them all – Keys is a multi-versatile, all-in-one keyboard designed to bring out the musician in everyone at any level – the possibilities are endless.

Get it and go – Keys is an extremely durable and portable keyboard. Get the sounds and features you want without lugging around extra equipment of hassling with clunky apps.

Pricing & Availability

Visit www.playkeys.io for limited time pricing specials. Keys is available for pre-sale for

$99.99. To pre-order your Keys, visit: www.playkeys.io

A portion of the proceeds from the pre-order campaign will go to Immunity Project, a non-profit initiative dedicated to developing a free HIV vaccine.

About Opho

San Francisco-based Opho (formally Incident Technologies) creates musical instruments for the Internet Age. Keys and gTar are designed for musicians of all

abilities to learn, create and perform music naturally and intuitively, while aiming to keep music core to the human experience. gTar officially launched in May 2012 at Startup

Battlefield, TechCrunch’s premiere startup launch competition.

For more information, visit http://www.opho.com

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