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Mujjo iPhone 5 Leather Sleeve: Originals Collection (Review)

July 2, 2013 Comments off

iphone5iPhone 5 Leather Sleeve
Originals Collection
Retail 34.95 Euro/~$45.00 USD

If you prefer to keep your iPhone naked, then the new Mujjo iPhone 5 sleeve is just what you need to protect your investment when it’s not in use. This all leather, vegetable-dyed sleeve will provide you with all the protection you’ll need from scratches, drops, dirt, dust, and smudges from carrying around in a pocket, a briefcase or a purse.

The Mujjo sleeve is a quality product. It is not a cheap knock-off. It’s real stitched leather, subtly stamped with “The Originals” on one side to show that the product is part of Mujjo’s Originals Collection.

The sleeves, also available for the iPhone 4/4S, come in beautiful ivory white or natural brown. This review covers the white sleeve.

Don’t confuse this sleeve with a protective case. This sleeve is protective but you have to remove the phone from the case before you use it. You also can’t use the case with other protective cases, although you could use a screen protector with this product with no trouble. This case is for those of us who prefer to use our phones naked.

iPhone_brownThe price of the sleeve is not cheap at around $45.00 USD, it’s a fashion statement as well as a protective element. Why not have something a little posh as well as useful? After all, isn’t that what fashion is all about?

The sleeve holds your phone tight so that there’s little chance of it slipping out on its own. You’ll feel confident in its protective capability while you’re running for a taxi or bumping into strangers on the bus or subway.

On a funny side note, neither my wife nor my daughter “get” the purpose of the sleeve. Both of them looked at the product and simply asked, “Why?”

The “Why” is simple to answer: It’s a statement–a statement about who you are and about quality products. No one needs expensive rims on a car, $300 Prada sunglasses, a $75,000 Mercedes, or a $45.00 iPhone sleeve. It isn’t about need. To be perfectly honest, I don’t need an iPhone 5. I want an iPhone 5, therefore I have an iPhone 5. If you’re a person who loves quality accessories, then you will want the Mujjo iPhone sleeve as well. Seriously, I have to ask, who wouldn’t?

The Mujjo Originals Collection accessories also make great gifts. Everyone loves a quality gift and if you have someone in your life who has everything else, get her or him one of these beautiful and useful sleeves.

It’s frugal because it is a quality product that will last a very long time. Plus, it protects your valuable phone from damage during transport between uses. There’s nothing more frugal than protecting your investment in something you already have.

You’ll love the Mujjo iPhone sleeve at any price. It’s sleek, it’s fashion forward, it’s leather, and it’s an original. What more do you need or want?

Review: 9/10

Recommendation: It’s the nicest iPhone sleeve that I’ve seen and if you like using your phone without being wrapped up in a rubber case, then this is the ultimate accessory for you.

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