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Glow Adds QuadraPop and ParaPop 38″ Portable Softboxes to Light Modifier Line for More Flawless Hard Light Diffusion

July 28, 2015 Comments off

ParaPop 38"New York, NY – July 28, 2015 Glow, the award-winning brand of high quality lighting modifiers for professional photography and video production, has just announced two new additions to its softbox collection – the Glow QuadraPop 24”x34” and the Glow ParaPop 38” Portable Softboxes. The perfect solutions for speedlights, studio lights and large portable strobes, Glow’s latest models feature excellent softbox quality, marrying a sleek look with superior, innovative design for the “pop” of innovation needed in every imaging scenario.

Both models are available with speedrings for five popular types of speedlights, monolights and studio strobe heads. The interchangeable speedrings align either light modifier with virtually every brand, allowing creative imagemakers the flexibility and value of using their modifier of choice with any type of lighting and/or brand in their gear kit, simply by changing out the speedring. Because of their durable, easy-to-use and lightweight frames, both the Glow QuadraPop and ParaPop are perfect for mobile portraits, and travel photography and videography in addition to studio work. They are ideal for imaging enthusiasts of all levels, from novice to professional.

Made primarily in Korea, the Glow line is getting noticed by customers from all over for its high quality and variety of offerings. Photographer Wally Kilburg, of The Studio at 46 West, based just outside of Chicago, commented, “Glow products are engineered to compliment other vendors’ products, as in my use of Glow softbox grids. Softbox grids often cost more than the modifier they are used on, so it’s pure joy to find the Glow grids work on the standard sizes listed – and at a way low price! Well-made, priced right, and they work as good as you can find. Pretty much the same can be said of any Glow products I have used.”

QuadraPop 24"x34"“We love the Glow products, especially in studio and on location, for their affordable pricing, great build, quality and beautiful lighting effects,” adds Daniel Marcion of Belle Portwe Photography, a premier fashion, commercial and wedding photography studio located on the island of Saint Lucia. “I can recommend The Glow Line to anyone interested in great quality light modifiers. They have a variety of products that meet our needs and we plan to continue using them in our studio.”

The QuadraPop 24”x34” and ParaPop 38” Portable Softboxes are now available online at and at the Adorama superstore, located at 42 West 18th Street in New York City.

About Glow QuadraPop 24”x34” Portable Softbox
The lightweight, rectangular QuadraPop 24”x34” opens and closes with speed and ease, providing ultimate portability with one snap. It was designed by engineers using UV-A and UV-R diffuser materials, to reduce UV light by up to 98% and make it exceptionally heat and water resistant. With no falloff from edge to edge, it combines the strength of a portrait key light with all of the benefits of a soft wrap, blending perfectly with any additional fill. Its rectangular shape lights evenly and makes it a popular choice for fashion, portrait, child and beauty photography.

The Glow QuadraPop is now available from Adorama for 199.95 USD.

About Glow ParaPop 38” Portable Softbox
Like the QuadraPop, the ParaPop 38” snaps into action with jointed positioning rods that open, close and lock with one click. The ParaPop’s unique 12-sided shape and parabolic profile provides a huge 105-degree light spread. It creates sun-like shadows that are slight and beautifully graduated, giving dimension where it is needed the most. The size and shape of a softbox determines how soft and seamless shadows look on a subject, and the ParaPop 38” is being quickly recognized for creating a gentler, more pleasing final shot. Learn more about softbox sizes from photography expert Gavin Hoey at the Adorama Learning Center:

The Glow ParaPop 38” is now available from Adorama for 249.95 USD.

About Glow
The Glow line of light modifiers for photography and video is comprised of universal lighting accessories that mold and shape light, changing its quality and bringing its function to a whole new level. Fully compatible with all brands of strobes and lights, Glow umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors and beauty dishes are crafted of the highest quality materials for durability and longevity. Innovative designs make our modifiers easier to use, bringing advanced lighting setups and tools within reach of the creative vision – and budget – of every photographer.

Glow’s Grand Softbox was named Best in Show by Professional Photographer magazine in its 2014 Hot Ones Awards. Available exclusively at Adorama, customers can visit the Glow brand store online to buy:


Glow Hexapop 20-inch Portable Softbox (Review)

September 29, 2014 Comments off

Glow Hexapop - Side ViewGlow Hexapop 20″ Portable Softbox by Flashpoint (R-series)
$129.95 (free shipping)

If you’re an amateur photographer and just getting into lighting, you’re probably also looking for a few good choices to provide shadowless light to your subjects. Look no further than the Glow Hexapop line of portable lighting softboxes. A softbox is a cloth “box” that is black on all sides except for the side that faces your subject. This design keeps stray light from entering your lens as you take pictures. The softbox also spreads (diffuses) the otherwise harsh, concentrated light from your flash unit onto a white cloth sheet so that you don’t get the hard shadows, that “deer in the headlights,” or Rosemary’s Baby red eye effect from your subjects.

These softboxes are available exclusively  from Adorama.

Many photographers use the softbox light as an artistic eye reflection artifact for portraits. Look at a few portraits that include the subject wearing sunglasses or extreme closeups and you’ll see what I mean.

Glow HEXAPOP Includes

  • HexaPop 20″ Softbox
  • Speedlight Bracket
  • Stand Adapter
  • Zippered Soft Case & Strap

But the softbox isn’t used exclusively for portraits. You can use it for product photography, closeup photography, night photography, and limited daytime outdoor photography to provide gentle lighting in shadows (fill flash).

Glow Hexapop - Back viewThe Glow Hexapop 20″ softbox (Hexapop) is an ideal soft lighting solution because it’s fast and easy to setup, it’s very lightweight, you can use it on your camera for a truly portable soft lighting effect, or you can use it off camera for stable subject lighting. To use it off camera, you’ll need a stand, such as the Flashpoint Pro Air Cushioned Heavy Duty Light Stand (sold separately). You’ll also need a flash sync cable to attach your camera to the off camera flash unit. There are so many different sync cables available, that I can’t give you a single URL to accommodate them all. You’ll have to search for the one that connects to your camera’s hot shoe and then to your flash unit. Be sure to buy one long enough so that you can place the flash unit out of frame for your shots.

The video below shows the Glow softboxes in action.

The Hexapop folds down with a “POP!” into a very small bundle to fit into the included carrying case.

If you’ve ever wondered why your photos don’t look like those of the pros, lighting is the primary reason. The other two reasons are that they have very expensive lenses and they spend a lot of time in Photoshop. Most of you don’t need that level of perfection and can live with a few artifacts, stray lights, empty pixels, and a hair out of place. What you need is better lighting. You might also need Photoshop and better lenses, but it’s really hard to fix bad lighting without it looking fixed.

Why it’s Frugal: The Hexapop is a great value. The tough fiberglass rods will last a very long time. The material is also very tough. No part of the material is stretched enough to tear a seam. Solid construction plus the included accessories worth an estimated $75 by themselves make this softbox an excellent and frugal choice for amateurs and pros alike. Durable, complete, and a great value.

Glow Hexapop - Collapsed viewFor those of you who know a photographer, this softbox is a great gift idea. If you think your photographer has everything, he or she might not have this. Once your lucky recipient has unwrapped the Hexapop, you should suggest an impromptu portrait session to “try it out.” In about 60 seconds, you’ll see the diffused light hitting your face. It might be the single most used item in your photographer’s accessory list. Everyone needs great lighting and the Hexapop is it.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: By it for yourself or for your favorite photographer and watch the smiles happen.

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