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BoinxTV: Broadcast Quality Video Made Easy (Review)

July 16, 2015

Boinx Software, Ltd.
$499.99 for the Professional version*
$49.99 for the Home version

BoinxTV is broadcast quality video casting software that turns your Mac into a TV studio. With BoinxTV, you can create your very own high quality TV show that includes, split screens, picture-in-picture, transitions, crawls, bugs, multiple cameras, automatic upload to YouTube and much more.

BoinxTV on Location

If you want to see me and my videographer, Joseph Butler, creating videos at the Social Media Tulsa event this year with various guests, check out our work. Using BoinxTV on location was easy. Once you make a few basic decisions (video capture resolution, on-screen effects, and lower thirds), you can capture video over and over like we did over a stretch of a few hours.

For our videos, we used the same backdrop, the same lighting, and format throughout the process to keep a consistent look and feel. We also used a directional microphone, but used a second microphone that allowed some ambient sound to leak in because we liked the “busy background” it imparted to the videos.

At the SMTulsa Conference, we created 12 videos. Some of them were done back to back and only required about two minutes of file saving of the previous video and queueing of the new one in between. Joseph created the opening transition that you see just prior to each interview.

BoinxTV is your best friend on location. Seriously. It’s easy to use, easy to queue one recording right after the other, easy to use with multiple sources (cameras), and easy to create great looking, professional video (as demonstrated by our interview dozen). We never had to restart a recording because of a BoinxTV fault nor did we experience any technical issues during its use.

Video Input:

Video Cameras

  • SDI cameras supported via SDI input devices such as the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder.
  • HDMI cameras supported via HDMI input devices such as the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder.
  • HDV/Firewire cameras supported on Macs with Firewire connectors or via Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire adaptor.
  • USB Webcams
  • Select AXIS network cameras supported via AXIS camera layer
  • The number of video inputs is only limited by the number of interfaces and the bandwidth of the internal bus of your Mac
  • See example configurations for guidance on multi-camera setups

Video and Graphics Files

  • Playback video files of almost any format
  • Use PDF, PNG, JPEG and many more formats for graphics
Presentation Recording

  • Capture PowerPoint or other presentations from a presentation computer via VGA, DVI or HDMI via a capture device like the Epiphan DVI2USB3

Skype and Hangout

  • Skype calls or Hangouts can be recorded using the screen capture source


  • Capture output from any application on your Mac via screen recording

See all technical specifications for video, audio, output, and effects.

The only downside of BoinxTV is that it doesn’t work with a lot of DSLR cameras which is bad for YouTubers. It doesn’t work with my Canon T3 nor Joseph’s Canon 60D. It does work with every web camera, my Panasonic HM-TA1, and an older Canon XL1S professional camera, but DSLRs are kind of hit and miss.

Why it’s Frugal: BoinxTV Professional is frugal because it is an all-inclusive TV production studio. You can create anything with it from technical videocasts all the way up to professional TV programs. Frugal.

If you ask me what I think of BoinxTV, I’d have to say I love it. It is a professional studio that is easy to use. So easy that I can do it and before I used it I had no experience with this type of software. At all. The software is easy to use, but extremely powerful. You can do anything with it that you see on Headline News or CNN. I don’t know if they use BoinxTV for their programming, but they probably could.

Joseph has a little different take on BoinxTV. His is from a professional videographer viewpoint. “The application is fairly easy to use, but the interface is a little clunky and pre-recorded video could be easier to use.” Joseph also told me that the video sources would drop when you add a new one to BoinxTV. I noticed the same behavior but had forgotten about it.

BoinxTV is the ultimate production package for YouTube shows. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who wants to create professional, high-quality video programs. In fact, as I discovered, you can do so much on-the-fly with BoinxTV that you might not need to do any “post” work at all. It can all be done in BoinxTV as you’re working.

One of the things I really like about it is that you can create a template for your show so that it looks the same every time–even on location. BoinxTV is everything I could ask for out of a professional studio production program.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: Buy it. Use it. Become a YouTube millionaire.

*This review is for BoinxTV Professional

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