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Boinx Hits the 2015 New Media Expo Floor to Show Off BoinxTV 2 Beta

February 28, 2015 Comments off

Boinx SoftwarePuchheim, Germany – February 27, 2015 – Making their way to the site of one of the biggest broadcasting shows of the year, Boinx Software will be joining the ranks of innovators at New Media Expo 2015, taking place in conjunction with the NAB Show from April 13th through 16th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Exhibiting at booth N8012 video experts from Boinx will be showcasing the latest version of its broadcast truck-in-box broadcast solution, BoinxTV 2. A plug-and-play broadcast production package, the Mac-based BoinxTV lets users combine live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds and audio to create recordings and stream live presentations, podcasts, concerts, sporting events and more. Boinx will also unveil the new BoinxTV Broadcast Graphics Machine.

To demonstrate its immense power and suitability for podcasters and broadcasters of all levels, attendees to the show can stop by to see BoinxTV 2 Beta in action as experts put on a production live from the NMX show floor. Taking productions to the next level, the much anticipated BoinxTV 2 features native streaming support via RTMP to YouTube, Ustream, and more; direct manipulation via a newly designed, easy-to-use UI; and 64bit support, which makes running out of memory virtually impossible. Combined with the all-new BoinxTV Broadcast Graphics Machine, a hardware/software solution for broadcast graphics with support for SDI playout with alpha channel, booth visitors will see how BoinxTV 2 is the perfect solution for all of their live production needs.

Attend the Boinx Software Press Briefing or Schedule a Private Meeting
Boinx will be hosting an informal “Press and Friends” event on the morning of Tuesday, April 14th at 8:00am. Members of the media are invited to indulge in coffee and morning treats while discussing the latest broadcasting solutions from Boinx Software. To register for the event or to schedule a private briefing for those who cannot attend, please contact Anya Oskolkova

Boinx TV

What’s New With BoinxTV?
BoinxTV 2 (Beta version scheduled for end of April)

  • Native streaming support via RTMP to YouTube, Ustream, and more
  • New UI that makes using BoinxTV 2 even easier than before, with a modern look
  • Direct manipulation instead of fiddling with settings
  • More options for automation
  • 64bit support makes running out of memory virtually impossible
  • BoinxTV with integrated BoinxTV ATEM Controller, which supports full integration with production switchers from Blackmagic Design, including the ATEM Television Studio and ATEM Production Studio 4K

BoinxTV Broadcast Graphics Machine

  • Hardware/software solution for broadcast graphics based on a Mac mini with a Blackmagic Design DeckLink 4K Extreme card in a 19” rack mount enclosure
  • Playout via HD-SDI with Alpha channel support
  • Visualize real time data including sport scores, weather, stock chart, news feeds and more
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Integrate interactive elements such as a Twitter feed
  • Play any video format, scale, crop and convert to fit your needs

About Boinx Software
Located in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany, Boinx Software Ltd. develops award-winning animation, video production and photography software for the Mac® platform and iOS devices including the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod®. Honored with numerous Apple Design Awards and coveted spots on the Mac App Store’s Best Apps of the Year list, the extensive family of Boinx apps includes iStopMotion for Mac, iStopMotion for iPad, FotoMagico, BoinxTV, Mouseposé, You Gotta See This!, PhotoPresenter for iOS, and PartySnapper, Boinx’s newest social photo wall for sharing and saving event photos. Boinx Software has also been instrumental in the developmental processes of popular apps including Heads Up!, Ellen DeGeneres’s charades party game, and the Leica T iPhone and iPad app, the elegant remote companion to the Leica T digital camera.

Follow @boinxsoftware on Twitter and Facebook. For more information, please visit the Boinx Software website.


Making it Move with MotionComposer for Windows (Review)

May 9, 2013 Comments off

screen-mc-windowsMotionComposer 1.0.14
$149 US
MotionComposer for Windows
Also available in Mac format.

MotionComposer is a desktop application that allows you to create Flash or HTML5 animations for your website or animated ebooks for iPad and iPhone. MotionComposer is a relatively complex program that has just about every bell and whistle imaginable for creating dynamic content. I like the application. It’s too bad that I’m either not smart enough to create really good content or I haven’t spent enough time with it to do so.

I’m too embarrassed to post my creation for you to see but I can see how easy it is for someone who can spend time with the application to learn its ways and means.

It’s a very powerful program that I would compare to Adobe Photoshop in flexibility, power, capability, support, and complexity. Don’t mistake the application’s complexity for complexity of use. The program is complex but its operation is simple.

The user interface is clean and enjoyable to use. It is responsive and does exactly what you tell it to do. MotionComposer is one of those programs that you could use to create an interactive training device, a dynamic website, an animated ebook, magazines, newspapers or just about any animated digital content that you can imagine. I’d love to have expert knowledge of it but I may never gain that kind of competence with the application on my own.

MotionComposer’s website makes the following claims:

MotionComposer makes your life easy

  • No coding required.
  • A clear user interface lets you create beautiful animations effortlessly.
  • Publish in Flash® and HTML5 in a single step.
  • Publish content to any computer, smartphone, and tablet, including iPhone and iPad.
  • Optimized HTML5 code ensures the best performance of your content on iPhone and iPad.

I’d have to agree. Even my very poorly conceived animation worked very well. If you’re a graphic artist, designer, web administrator, ebook creator, or creative person in general, you’ll love it. And for $149, it’s easy on the wallet too. Seriously, these types of applications, if you’ve priced them, are far more expensive or you have to purchase add-ons or modules to do what this one does as is.

Creating content with MotionComposer reminds me a bit of creating a stop motion movie. You begin with a timeline and slides. From there, you add graphics or text and edit the transitions and movements of your objects. It’s great fun actually and not anywhere near as tedious as creating a stop motion movie.

The app features multiple transitions for elements, such as text fly-in, transitions between slides, audio capability, zoom and more. If you really want to see it in action, watch the demo video.

I have some good advice for you after working with this application for a few hours. First, if you’re a beginner with this kind of app, read the docs, watch the demo video and learn its capabilities before you experiment. It’s easy but it’s not child’s play. This is a professional application that requires mastery. If you’re a pro who’s coming at this from another similar application or from some other method, you’ll love it.

In all, I think the price plus performance rate this application at a solid 8.5 out of 10 for me. A company representative told me that there is a newer version coming soon that will knock your socks off. Frankly, I never liked socks anyway. I can’t wait. I hope they allow me to upgrade. This is one app that I’d love to master and use.

Rating: 8.5/10

Recommendation: Buy and Learn.

iStopMotion for iPad (Product Review)

April 29, 2013 Comments off

iStopMotion for iPad
Boinx Software Ltd.
$9.99 iTunes Store
App for making stop motion and time lapse videos
Related product: iStopMotion Remote Camera (Free)

I was pretty excited when asked to review iStopMotion for iPad, since I’ve been a fan of stop motion video and claymation since I was a kid. I remember watching Gumby, Davey and Goliath, and all of those holiday claymation shows and loving them. I have always wanted to make my own stopmotion movies but never knew how. Plus, it takes a LOT of patience to make them, even with a cool app like iStopMotion for iPad.

And iStopMotion for iPad is cool. I like it. The really cool part about it is that you can install iStopMotion Remote Camera for your iPhone and use it as your camera and save your photos to your iPad without having to do anything more than clicking the shutter button.

I like the onion skinning feature too. This allows you to see where you’ve been on the previous shot so that you can move your objects a small amount so that the movie doesn’t look jumpy.

Over on your iPad, iStopMotion assembles your snaps into a stop motion video for you. One word of caution here, though. Don’t assume, like I did, that iStopMotion will allow you to manipulate your movie a great deal–it doesn’t. Now, if you’re a Mac owner and you also have iStopMotion installed, you might be able to do more but all you can do with the iStopMotion for iPad app is delete the current frame, delete all frames, duplicate the current frame, or reverse the order of all the frames.

Hopefully in the future, Boinx will give us more editing features with the app. One I would love to see is the ability to export the video into individual frames. I need this feature because, like most filmmakers, I do not necessarily create in linear order. I need the ability to move frames.

I created a short video but didn’t realize the limitations so it won’t be posted here. Sorry. It was basically two hours wasted because I wasn’t aware. I guess I didn’t read the fine print.

That said, I think that if you create your movies in linear fashion, meaning you create your video from the beginning and work through to the end, then you’re fine. Unfortunately, I was going to work my magic in “Post.”

The app does exactly what it should otherwise. You can create all kinds of really cool stop motion movies, claymation animations, text-based animations and more. Don’t let my ignorance of the app cloud your decision to use it or not. I think it’s a very cool app and having the ability to shoot with the far more agile iPhone is the absolute coolest feature.

For my studio setup, I used an 18″x24″ whiteboard, an iPhone 4, an iPad 4, a tripod and phone holder, and a dimmable, fluorescent ring light.

You can share and upload your movies via the app to Dropbox, YouTube, or save to the Camera Roll.

I think to get a full appreciation out of this app and what you can do with it, you’d have to own a Mac equipped with iStopMotion or maybe iMovie, although I’m not 100 percent sure that the movies are editable in iMovie. I don’t own one, unfortunately.

So, in a very rare move, I’m offering two different review results for this app.

9/10 for Mac owners who also own iStopMotion.

6/10 for everyone else.

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