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IK Multimedia releases all new iRig Recorder 3 for Android

May 2, 2017 Comments off

Completely redesigned with new effects, video recording, markers, sharing options and more, iRig Recorder 3 is the ideal professional field recorder for Android

May 2, 2017 – IK Multimedia is proud to announce the release of iRig Recorder 3 for Android™devices, a professional quality field recording app which supports video recording and includes a wide collection of pro audio effects, expanded sharing capabilities via online services and social media as well as professional exporting features. iRig Recorder 3 offers users the ability to produce superb sounding audio/video recordings directly on their device, share them with the world or export them for further editing.

iRig Recorder 3 for Android

iRig Recorder 3 is the perfect companion to IK Multimedia’s iRig digital microphones and audio interfaces for Android. iRig Recorder 3 in combination with an IK microphone or interface offers everything needed to get professional quality sound while recording mobile audio for video, interviews, concerts, podcasts and more.

Offering an expandable collection of up to 17 effects, iRig Recorder 3 can be enhanced with professional processing options such as Normalize, Stereo Imager, Compressor and 3-band EQ as well as creative audio effects including Morph, Reverb, Chorus and Delay. They can be applied to audio recordings for sound optimization or creative use, doubling the number of effects available in the previous version of the app. Another new feature allows users to add text and photo markers to recordings in real-time to make editing easier than ever.

Record “selfie” videos, live performances, lectures, speeches, interviews and much more at the touch of a finger. iRig Recorder 3 is the go-to app for both professionals and enthusiasts who need a tool capable of greater versatility when it comes to creating high-quality video with great audio that can be shared via social media immediately.

One of the features that truly makes iRig Recorder 3 stand out from the crowd is its ability to export the recorded content in separate files for convenient editing in a DAW or third-party video editing software. Content can also be easily shared via a large selection of online services and social media like Facebook®, WhatsApp™, DropBox™, Google Drive™, Twitter™, E-mail, Wi-Fi™, or FTP file sharing, in a variety of sizes and formats.

Pricing and availability
iRig Recorder 3 for Android is available as a free downloadable app from the Google Play™ Storewith the option of expanding the effects collection via in-app purchases.

For more information, please visit:


IK Multimedia releases iRig Mic Lav – Broadcast audio goes mobile

October 21, 2015 Comments off
October 20, 2015 – IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile audio technology, is pleased to announce that it’s now shipping iRig® Mic Lav, the ultra-affordable, compact, chainable and professional-quality lavalier microphone with built-in monitoring ability for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.
iRig Mic Lav

Designed to be the ideal mobile audio solution for video, web, film, television and other broadcasting purposes, it features a high-quality omnidirectional condenser capsule, a foam pop shield, a durable secure mounting clip, on-board monitoring output and a generous cable length. It has a chainable input jack for using two mics with one device and a comprehensive arsenal of convenient features all bundled into a rugged, durable and roadworthy lavalier microphone that can be used with virtually all mobile devices.

Powerful, portable performance
iRig Mic Lav is a compact microphone with a lot of power. It’s been designed to meet the exacting demands of broadcast professionals – it sports an omnidirectional condenser capsule with a 30Hz – 16kHz frequency range that captures stunning crystal-clear audio from all directions. Its included foam pop filter eliminates vocal plosives, wind noises and other undesired sounds. It can be easily mounted on a t-shirt, lapel or other material thanks to its durable mounting clip. And its 150cm/66″ cable provides plenty of length to work with while recording in the field.

Effortless monitoring
Capturing great audio in the field requires more than just superior microphone technology. A crucial element of recording quality material is being able to monitor sound as it’s being recorded or streamed. Not all lavalier microphones come with on-board monitoring, but iRig Mic Lav does. In fact, among major brands, it’s the first mobile lavalier microphone to offer this feature. It comes with a combo 1/8″ TRRS port that can be used to output audio to a pair of headphones. Users just need to set the toggle switch next to the port to “monitor” and then they can plug in their favorite pair of headphones to start monitoring.

Chainable – Double the flexibility
What truly sets iRig Mic Lav apart is the ability to use two of them with one device to record two audio sources simultaneously, such as a broadcast interview with two participants. No additional hardware is required to accomplish this. iRig Mic Lav includes a dual-purpose 1/8″ TRRS input jack that can be used to connect a second iRig Mic Lav or headphones for monitoring. Users simply set the toggle switch to “input” and then plug a second iRig Mic Lav in to record with two microphones. To monitor a dual iRig Mic Lav setup, users simply need to set the switch on the second iRig Mic Lav’s jack to “monitor” and then insert their preferred headphones.

Two iRig Mic Lavs can be purchased together via the iRig Mic Lav 2 Pack. A convenient and cost-effective option, it’s a bundle that gives users two iRig Mic Lavs for $/€20 less than if they were purchased individually.

Go mobile
One thing about fieldwork is that one never knows what mobile device they’ll have on them at any given time. This can be a problem if a microphone is specifically made for one type of device. Fortunately, this is not an issue with iRig Mic Lav. Its analog 1/8″ TRRS jack captures the same high-quality audio no matter whether it’s plugged into an iPhone or Android device with a compatible TRRS input jack compliant with the CTIA/AHJ wiring standard.

Powered up with apps
iRig Mic Lav is ready to go right out of the box thanks to its powerful suite of included apps. iRig® Recorder* for iPhone, iPad and Android are straightforward audio capture apps that are great for everyone from journalists who need to make recordings in the field to podcasters who want to broadcast while on the go, and everyone in between. VocaLive™* is an expandable, powerful effects processor and multi-track recording app that’s perfect for adding a creative touch to recordings. Mic Room* is a powerful and easy-to-use microphone modeling app for iPhone or iPad. EZ Voice™* for iPhone, iPad and Android are streamlined and easy-to-use apps that make it easy to practice and record over any song stored in the device music library.

*Free versions are available on the App Store, Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Apps.

Presenting with iRig Mic Lav
Another great use for iRig Mic Lav is making small group presentations – when used with EZ Voice or VocaLive and a portable powered speaker, like iLoud®, iRig Mic Lav makes a great “hands-free” portable PA that fits in a briefcase for trade shows and small group gatherings.

Pricing and availability
iRig Mic Lav is now shipping and available from music and electronics retailers worldwide, and from the IK online store, for only $/€49.99 (excluding taxes).

iRig Mic Lav 2 Pack, a bundle that comes with two iRig Mic Lav units, is also available for preorder for just $/€79.99 (excluding taxes) and will be available in November.

For more information, please visit:

To download high resolution images of iRig Mic Lav, go to:

For information about IK’s iRig Mic family of products, go to:

IK Multimedia announces iRig Mic Studio, the ultra-portable large-diaphragm digital microphone for every platform

January 22, 2015 Comments off

The latest addition to IK’s iRig digital microphone range provides professional-quality sound, an extremely compact size and compatibility with all popular mobile and desktop platformsiRig Mic Studio

January 22, 2015 – IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation technology, is pleased to announce iRig® Mic Studio, its ultra-portable large-diaphragm digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and Android. Offering superior sound and an extremely portable size, it packs a 1” diameter condenser capsule into an ultra-compact enclosure that can be used to make professional recordings anywhere. With iRig Mic Studio, musicians, vocalists, home producers, podcasters, broadcasters, voice-over artists and more have a studio-quality large-diaphragm microphone that fits in the palm of their hand.

Superior portable performance
iRig Mic Studio has been designed to provide the best possible recording quality. It features a large 1” diameter back electret condenser capsule, a 24-bit audiophile-grade A/D converter (with 44.1/48 kHz sample rate) and a built-in low-noise high-definition preamp. These, combined with its 133dB SPL rating, allow for optimal audio capture at any sound pressure level — it can capture everything from the subtle and nuanced dynamics of the human voice to the full-on bombast of an amplified electric guitar, and everything in between.And while these features are excellent on their own, what’s truly remarkable about iRig Mic Studio is that it fits its components into a compact enclosure that’s smaller than an iPhone.

Comprehensive control
To assist its high-end components, iRig Mic Studio also sports a comprehensive set of monitoring and level control features. To ensure the best sound for every situation, it comes with a gain control knob and a multicolor LED level indicator. It also includes a headphone output with its own level control for monitoring directly from iRig Mic Studio itself. And, for better positioning while recording, iRig Mic Studio comes with a sturdy and portable tabletop tripod stand.

It’s all about the connections
iRig Mic Studio is compatible with nearly every popular mobile and desktop platform. It comes with a female micro-USB port and an assortment of cables: Micro-USB to Lightning for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; micro-USB to micro-USB OTG for Android (requires either an Android 5 or Samsung Professional Audio device); and micro-USB to USB for Mac and PC.

Record with the power of apps
For immediate recording, iRig Mic Studio comes equipped with a powerful suite of vocal apps. VocaLive™ is a powerful effects processor and multi-track recording app that features a selection of 12 professional real-time vocal effects. EZ Voice™ for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and EZ Voice™ for Android are streamlined and easy-to-use sing-along apps that make it easy for vocalists to practice with any song in their music library. iRig® Recorder for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and iRig® Recorder for Android are straightforward apps for field recording, podcasting, note taking and more.

The VocaLive App is available from the App Store at

The EZ Voice App is available from the App Store at

The iRig Recorder App is available from the App Store at

EZ Voice is available for Android via Google Play and the Samsung GALAXY Apps store. iRig Recorder is available for Android on Google Play.

iRig Mic Studio is also fully compatible with a wide variety of third party apps and software, like Cubasis, ProStudio Vocal FX, MultiTrack DAW and more. It’s also compatible with Apple’s GarageBand and Logic Pro X apps, and iOS Voice Memo.

Pricing and availability
iRig Mic Studio comes in silver or black and will be available Q1, 2015 from music and electronics retailers worldwide, and from the IK online store, for only $179.99/€144.99 (excluding taxes).

For more information, please visit:

To see the official video of iRig Mic Studio in action, go to:

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