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The Jackery Leaf Snap-on Rechargeable Battery Case (Review)

March 3, 2014 Comments off
The Jackery Leaf Snap-on Rechargeable Battery Case

Figure 1: The Jackery Leaf Case and Charger Case Attachment

Jackery Leaf Snap-on Rechargeable Battery Case
Jackery, Inc.
$59.95 Amazon (Prime) or Jackery Web Store

The Jackery Leaf is a case plus an extra life battery charger. The case, as you can see in Figure 1, is an attractive iPhone 5 and 5S case, but it’s also an additional battery life extender/charger.

When you’re not charging your iPhone, you can slip off the charger part of the case and use the regular Jackery Leaf case for protecting your iPhone. The case fits snug and works quite well on its own as a case. And you can use your current case with the Jackery Leaf charger attachment, if it’s relatively open at the bottom so that there are no obstructions around the charger interface.

The case and attachment are well made, sturdy, and durable. Even with the charging attachment connected to the phone case, you can still plug in your earbuds, change sound volume, and perform all phone functions. The charging attachment adds a minimal amount of weight and bulk to your phone. It’s actually a pretty good tradeoff for the extra hours of battery life that you get from the Jackery Leaf.

The Jackery Leaf set includes these features and accessories:

  • One 2400mAh premium battery case with built-in Apple Lightning Connector and two premium protective cases for iPhone 5S & iPhone 5; Detachable and easy snap on design.
  • Certified by Apple MFI (Made For iPhone); Compatible with All versions of iOS.
  • Dual-purpose high speed secured connector for charging and data transfer.
  • Three-color LED charging status indicator; Secured battery safety with 4 layers of smart safety protection circuit.
  • 1x premium audio extension cable and 1x premium micro-USB charging cable.

The manufacturer claims that the Jackery Leaf can provide up to 110 hours of extra operating time to your device. I have not tested this explicitly or done the math, but I can tell you that with a fully charged case, I get two full charges for my iPhone 5.

The one thing you have to remember when using the Jackery Leaf charger case is that you must press the button on the back of the case to begin charging your phone. The case does not automatically begin charging upon attachment.

You can also attach your “naked” iPhone to the charging attachment but because of the Lightning connector, you have to be a bit careful when doing so. It works, but the attachment is really meant to be used with the Jackery Leaf case.

Why it’s frugal: The Jackery Leaf case is frugal because it extends your phone’s battery life for up to 110 hours. This is frugal because you still have free use of your phone without some tethering to an external wired charger. The convenience of the Jackery Leaf becomes obvious if you’re in a place where handy electric power isn’t available such as a long plane flight, long car ride, or in a public location.

The Jackery Leaf sells online for $59.95. Regular iPhone cases sell for $5.00 to around $30.00 and higher. That’s for just the case–no extra charging capacity. The Jackery Leaf is two protective cases in one plus the added benefit of the extra power. To fully charge the case requires three to four hours and it uses a common mini USB connector interface for charging.

The Jackery Leaf Snap-on Rechargeable Battery Case is a good value and an excellent product. If you need extra battery power, but don’t want wires or tethering of any kind, this is the solution for you.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: Buy it to extend your battery life as well as providing protection for your iPhone.


Introducing the Jackery Leaf Integrated Battery and Case for iPhone 5 and 5S

January 21, 2014 Comments off

The Jackery Leaf portable power source for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5SiPhone 5 and 5S Users Enjoy Extended Talk and App Time with the Jackery Leaf Integrated Battery/Case Solution Powerful and Lightweight Battery Enables Fast Charging on the Go –Jackery Leaf Doubles the Operational Time of the iPhone Battery

Santa Clara, CA (January 21, 2014) — Jackery, Amazon’s #1 provider of premium portable battery products for mobile devices, announced today the release of the Jackery Leaf, the company’s first powerful rechargeable battery for iPhone 5 and 5S devices that is integrated within a protective phone case.

Available in Jackery’s signature orange, black, or white, the Jackery Leaf allows iPhone users to charge their phone while they are mobile due to the battery being integrated within the protective case. The Apple Certified product features a micro-USB to Lightning connector converter, so users can plug in and charge the battery and their iPhone at the same time for optimal efficiency. Full charging takes only two and a half hours. The capacity of the Jackery Leaf gives users up to 50 extra hours of operational time depending on what types of applications they are running or tasks they are performing.

“The Jackery Leaf was built to fit specifically with iPhone 5 and 5S devices within a protective case structure” said York Wu, CEO of Jackery. “A significant differentiator for our product is the battery is detachable from the case, so users can still have the benefits of our great case while the Jackery Leaf is charging. It’s also a considerable value, as users get Jackery’s legendary craftsmanship with two protection cases and an additional battery at a price that is very reasonable. It’s this relentless focus on quality and value that has established us as the industry’s number one provider of premium portable batteries.”

Leaf #5The Jackery Leaf features a three-color LED charging status indicator for simple operation and a four-layer smart safety protection circuit. Each order includes two cases, the battery, a premium audio extension cable and micro-USB charging cable. It is available now at

In 2013 Jackery established itself as the provider of the most affordable and powerful portable chargers available in the marketplace. Many of Jackery’s products are compatible with Android and iOS devices and also Windows phones, various smartphone and tablet platforms, multiple gaming devices, and MP3 players. The Jackery Leaf joins the Jackery Air, Jackery Fit, Jackery Giant+, Jackery Giant, Jackery Bar and Jackery Mini products. Consumers can purchase the entire Jackery lineup at: or

About Jackery

Leaf #3Jackery is a Santa Clara, California-based technology company focused on developing premium battery products for smartphones and tablets. The company offers a lineup of four products, the Jackery Air, Jackery Giant+, Jackery Giant, Jackery Bar, and Jackery Mini, which all offer considerable charging time and small form factors for owners of the most popular smartphones, tablet devices, MP3 players and gaming devices. For more information, visit

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