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It’s Dad and Grad Time Again. Check Out the Tech Bling.

May 20, 2016 Comments off

Lightning CablesIt’s that time of year again when the graduating senior or the dad in your life is ready for more cool tech. Check out this tech gadget round-up from NEWERTECH.

NEWERTECH: Mac/Smartphone/Tablet Accessories NewerTech Lightning Cables: fully Apple certified, these multi-colored premium quality Lightning cables connect iOS devices to USB ports in computers, cars, portable chargers, wall outlets, and more to charge and sync/transfer pictures, music, and videos. The NewerTech Lightning Cables are available in a range of lengths from 20 inches-118 inches (1/2 meter – 3 meters) for maximum flexibility.
Price: $7.99 – $24.99
Buy at:

MacBook Snap-on CoverNewerTech NuGuard Snap-On Laptop Covers: protect your MacBook in style. The custom fit, two-piece hard shell covers with soft-touch exterior and vivid finish protects your laptop from damage, is easy to install and remove, and features rubberized feet to keep it stable and vent slots to help prevent overheating. The NuGuard Snap-On Laptop Covers are available in 11 vibrant colors and designs, including blue, purple, pink, black, white, mint green, light blue, yellow, orange, American flag design and more.
Price: $14.99 – $17.99
Buy at:

NewerTech Next Generation Power2U AC/USB in-wall charger: the patented AC/USB dual-socket in-wall charging solution eliminates clutter to charge up to 4 devices at once with 2 integrated USB ports and 2 additional AC plugs for simultaneous powering.
Price: $15.99-$22.99
Release: Photo:
Buy at:

Mac Keyboard KeyPadNewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad:  designed to complement the look and feel of Apple keyboards, the Wireless Keypad features precision machined aluminum housing, white keys, and a bracket that attaches to the Apple keyboard – no tools needed.  The NewerTech Keypad is built to rigorous standards with input from accountants for maximum number crunching workflow.
Price: $49
Buy at:

NewerTech NuGuard KXs Screen Armor for iPhone/iPad: provides incredible scratch, shatter, and impact protection for iPhones and iPads with great functionality that doesn’t impede the display, at a price you’d pay for just a basic screen cover — for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6 Plus, SE, iPads and Galaxy S4.
Price: $.99 – $19.99
Buy at:


Cyber Monday Deals on Portable Power from Jackery

November 25, 2015 Comments off

Jackery’s top portable cell phone battery rechargers; the Giant S, and the Mini Pink, both of which are on sale, now through Cyber Monday.

Looking for stocking stuffers? Give a gift that keeps on giving–portable power. Everyone in my family uses one (we have both the mini and the giant) and we take them everywhere we go: football games, school events, work, and on long walks. When you need power, but don’t have time to wait on power, take it with you.

Here are two special portable power deals from Jackery:

Jackery miniDEAL 1: Get the Jackery Mini Now just $11.99
The stylish small portable battery charger
Use promo code: TZMIHCQJ
– Jackery’s very first pink color charger!
– 3350 mAh capacity
– Fully charges an iPhone
– Compact, portable & stylish and perfect for long flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your iPhone, iPad, or other smart device
Jackery Giant SDEAL 2: Get the Jackery Giant S, Now just: $27.99
The portable battery charger with quick charge and 2 ports
Use Promo Code: TZMIHCQJ
– 12,000 mAh power capacity
– Charges an iPhone up to 5 times
– Quick Charge: Charges compatible devices up to 75% faster
– USB-C input technology, its support 3A fast recharge
– Dual charging output ports: charges 2 devices at once
Available from now immediately through Black Friday & Cyber Monday, until 11:59pm 11/30th.
Jackery portable cell phone chargers make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. Jackery chargers make both practical and popular holiday gifts, because we are always on our mobile devices wherever we go, on long trips, for work, at school, kids activities etc. Jackery is a gift that everyone can actually use, and unlike a big scratchy red sweater, we imagine that people who get Jackery are more likely to be grateful.


About Jackery 
Jackery mobile battery chargers go the distance. From sports fans to students, moms to mountain climbers, Jackery empowers people on the go. Work and play longer than ever before with Jackery’s advanced battery solutions for smartphones and tablets. Jackery is a Silicon Valley company, committed to providing exceptional, affordable mobile battery chargers for those who go the distance. To learn more, visit

See all of the Jackery portable battery chargers here:

The myCharge RazorMax 6000mAh portable charger

April 6, 2015 Comments off

myCharge Razor Max RZ60G-ARazor Max RZ60G-A Portable Charger

I’ve reviewed so many portable chargers that sometimes I feel like saying no to the next pitch for one, but the myCharge Razor Max RZ60G-A 6000mAh portable charger (RZ60G-A) caught my eye. It caught my eye because it has not one but two USB ports for charging and it’s extremely thin. In fact, it’s just a little larger, heavier, and thicker than my iPhone 5.

The RZ60G-A is made of anodized aluminum that’s rugged and lightweight. Its dimensions are a diminutive 4.4 in x 2.6 in x 0.5 in and 0.38 pounds (6 ounces), which is perfect to stash into a purse, back pocket, any pocket, tote, or in your car. After seeing and using this charger, my days of lugging around brick sized chargers is over. It’s so small and lightweight that I actually I thought that I hadn’t brought it along in my camera bag on a recent video shoot.

Charging iPhone and iPadIt powered my iPad 4 and my iPhone 5 simultaneously all day long without issue. I never ran out of power for them. When I returned home, I plugged it in and I still showed two lights, which means that I only used about 50 percent of its capacity. 6000mAh is a lot of power. The charger’s two built-in USB ports deliver a combined 2.4A output–enough for a lot of charging.

Notable Features:

  • Smart-sense: ensures complete device compatibility
  • Max-power: maximum power transfer from powerbank to device
  • Power-stay: maintains battery power for up to 1 year
  • High-density battery: the smallest and lightest powerbank
  • Safe-cell: provides the highest level of battery safety
  • Pass Through Charging: will charge the powerbank and connected device simultaneously

Why it’s Frugal: The RZ60G-A charger is frugal because it’s small, but it packs a huge amount of power. 6000mAh is enough to power multiple devices (up to two at a time) for at least an entire day. For $69.99, it’s a little pricey, but it delivers exactly as advertised.

The RZ60G-A’s capacity is 22.2Wh, with input at 5VDC and 0.7A to 2.1A, and output at 5VDC and 2.4A maximum.

RZ60G-A Portable ChargerOne interesting feature of the charger is that you can simply shake it to make the LEDs light up to tell you how much power you have left. Clever. That feature was an unexpected surprise for me. The RZ60G-A comes with its own mini USB charging cable and a Quick Start Guide. The unit comes with a one year limed warranty and is fully charged when you receive it.

In all, the Razor Max RZ60G-A Portable Charger delivers a powerful punch of on demand power where ever you take it and for any device that you can plug into a USB connector/charger.

Rating: 8.5/10

Recommendation: Buy it for all your charging needs. It’s portable and powerful.

Secur Sun Power Bank 4000 (Review)

April 22, 2014 Comments off

Secur Sun Power Bank 4000Secur Sun Power Bank 4000 Portable Charger
Secur Products
A division of Maverick Industries, Inc.
$69.00 estimated

When I first saw a note about the Secur Sun Power Bank 4000, my curiosity piqued. “A solar-powered charger for my various gadgetry,” I queried to myself. Could it really be? Well, I had to find out for myself and report to you on my findings.

The Secur Sun Power Bank 4000 (4000) is approximately the same size and weight as an Android phone. The dimensions make it easy to carry or to stow away in a small bag. You can plug into the charger using your mini USB connector or you can use the built-in one. It’s a matter of convenience and space as to which one you use. For Apple device users, you have to carry along a charger cable to plug into the device’s standard USB port.

Remember to press the On/Off button on the bottom of the unit or your device won’t charge.


  • High Efficiency Solar Panel
  • High capacity lithium polymer battery – 4000 mAh
  • Built-in full size male USB cable and plug
  • Built-in male micro USB cable and plug
  • Female USB port for charging any digital devices
  • Built in micro USB for charging via USB power sources
  • LED light indicator for current battery charge

To charge the unit fully, you plug it into a computer’s USB port via the built-in standard USB cable. Alternatively, you can place the unit in direct sunlight to charge it via its high-efficiency solar panel.

As intriguing as it sounds to have a solar-powered battery charger, it’s not all that practical when recharging the charging unit itself. You’ll probably plug it into your computer for a full charge, which requires four (4) hours. The reason that using the sun isn’t practical for recharging the unit is that it requires 14 to 18 hours of full and direct sunlight to a full charge. I suppose that you could leave it on the dashboard of your car while you’re at work or in school and hope for a half charge when you’re ready use it.


  • High Efficiency Solar Panel – 5.5V/280mA
  • 21.5% efficiency
  • High Capacity Lithium Battery – 3.7volts/4000 mAh
  • Micro USB Input – 5V/1A
  • USB Output – 5V/2.1A
  • Charging time via USB input – 4 hours
  • Charging time via built-in solar panel – 14 – 18 hours – Full Sunlight
  • 3″ x 5″ x .5″
  • 6 oz.

Secure Sun Power Bank 4000 Built-in CablesThat minor flaw aside, if you’re in a real power pinch and you’re also in the sun, you can use the 4000 to power your phone while you make an emergency call. As a charger, the 4000 is cool. As a solar-powered charger, it’s about average. Solar cells haven’t really made the efficiency leap that’s required for today’s power-guzzling gadgets. Maybe in a few years the battery charging technology and the battery-sucking technology will meet in a better place.

The lack of solar cell efficiency isn’t the fault of the manufacturer; it’s just a technological shortfall. It will get better (more efficient) and less expensive to use solar.

Why it’s frugal: For an estimated $70, the 4000 isn’t all that frugal unless you live in a place that gets a lot of sunlight or you do as I suggested and leave it on the dash of your car to power up. As a standard portable charger the 4000 is fine, but a little pricey. It’s frugality is mostly based on your access to the sun for recharging and your need for “off the grid” power.

I once owned a “solar” calculator that I loved. It lasted for more than 15 years. In fact, I might still have it somewhere in the garage. Solar-powered devices rarely die. The advantage my calculator had was that it really wasn’t bound to the sun for power. That would have been downright silly–that the only place I could use it was outside when I really needed it inside. Thank goodness it was photon-powered and not just solar-powered. If you don’t know the difference, this isn’t the place to learn it, sorry.

The bottom line here for the Secur Sun Power Bank 4000 is that it’s a clever device. It’s well-designed. If you’re a camper, hunter, beach-goer, or truster of things left visibly in the sun, then the 4000 is a jackpot for you–you can totally survive with your gadgetry in an off-the-grid fashion. For some people that’s really important.

If you ignore the whole solar thing, unless you really need it, the 4000 is still a good portable source of power. It’s lightweight, clever built-in cord design, and cell phone sizing makes it a nice companion for you on-the-go types.

Rating: 7.5/10

Recommendation: This is your chance to go “green” and to spend some time in the sun.

The Jackery Leaf Snap-on Rechargeable Battery Case (Review)

March 3, 2014 Comments off
The Jackery Leaf Snap-on Rechargeable Battery Case

Figure 1: The Jackery Leaf Case and Charger Case Attachment

Jackery Leaf Snap-on Rechargeable Battery Case
Jackery, Inc.
$59.95 Amazon (Prime) or Jackery Web Store

The Jackery Leaf is a case plus an extra life battery charger. The case, as you can see in Figure 1, is an attractive iPhone 5 and 5S case, but it’s also an additional battery life extender/charger.

When you’re not charging your iPhone, you can slip off the charger part of the case and use the regular Jackery Leaf case for protecting your iPhone. The case fits snug and works quite well on its own as a case. And you can use your current case with the Jackery Leaf charger attachment, if it’s relatively open at the bottom so that there are no obstructions around the charger interface.

The case and attachment are well made, sturdy, and durable. Even with the charging attachment connected to the phone case, you can still plug in your earbuds, change sound volume, and perform all phone functions. The charging attachment adds a minimal amount of weight and bulk to your phone. It’s actually a pretty good tradeoff for the extra hours of battery life that you get from the Jackery Leaf.

The Jackery Leaf set includes these features and accessories:

  • One 2400mAh premium battery case with built-in Apple Lightning Connector and two premium protective cases for iPhone 5S & iPhone 5; Detachable and easy snap on design.
  • Certified by Apple MFI (Made For iPhone); Compatible with All versions of iOS.
  • Dual-purpose high speed secured connector for charging and data transfer.
  • Three-color LED charging status indicator; Secured battery safety with 4 layers of smart safety protection circuit.
  • 1x premium audio extension cable and 1x premium micro-USB charging cable.

The manufacturer claims that the Jackery Leaf can provide up to 110 hours of extra operating time to your device. I have not tested this explicitly or done the math, but I can tell you that with a fully charged case, I get two full charges for my iPhone 5.

The one thing you have to remember when using the Jackery Leaf charger case is that you must press the button on the back of the case to begin charging your phone. The case does not automatically begin charging upon attachment.

You can also attach your “naked” iPhone to the charging attachment but because of the Lightning connector, you have to be a bit careful when doing so. It works, but the attachment is really meant to be used with the Jackery Leaf case.

Why it’s frugal: The Jackery Leaf case is frugal because it extends your phone’s battery life for up to 110 hours. This is frugal because you still have free use of your phone without some tethering to an external wired charger. The convenience of the Jackery Leaf becomes obvious if you’re in a place where handy electric power isn’t available such as a long plane flight, long car ride, or in a public location.

The Jackery Leaf sells online for $59.95. Regular iPhone cases sell for $5.00 to around $30.00 and higher. That’s for just the case–no extra charging capacity. The Jackery Leaf is two protective cases in one plus the added benefit of the extra power. To fully charge the case requires three to four hours and it uses a common mini USB connector interface for charging.

The Jackery Leaf Snap-on Rechargeable Battery Case is a good value and an excellent product. If you need extra battery power, but don’t want wires or tethering of any kind, this is the solution for you.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: Buy it to extend your battery life as well as providing protection for your iPhone.

Introducing the Jackery Leaf Integrated Battery and Case for iPhone 5 and 5S

January 21, 2014 Comments off

The Jackery Leaf portable power source for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5SiPhone 5 and 5S Users Enjoy Extended Talk and App Time with the Jackery Leaf Integrated Battery/Case Solution Powerful and Lightweight Battery Enables Fast Charging on the Go –Jackery Leaf Doubles the Operational Time of the iPhone Battery

Santa Clara, CA (January 21, 2014) — Jackery, Amazon’s #1 provider of premium portable battery products for mobile devices, announced today the release of the Jackery Leaf, the company’s first powerful rechargeable battery for iPhone 5 and 5S devices that is integrated within a protective phone case.

Available in Jackery’s signature orange, black, or white, the Jackery Leaf allows iPhone users to charge their phone while they are mobile due to the battery being integrated within the protective case. The Apple Certified product features a micro-USB to Lightning connector converter, so users can plug in and charge the battery and their iPhone at the same time for optimal efficiency. Full charging takes only two and a half hours. The capacity of the Jackery Leaf gives users up to 50 extra hours of operational time depending on what types of applications they are running or tasks they are performing.

“The Jackery Leaf was built to fit specifically with iPhone 5 and 5S devices within a protective case structure” said York Wu, CEO of Jackery. “A significant differentiator for our product is the battery is detachable from the case, so users can still have the benefits of our great case while the Jackery Leaf is charging. It’s also a considerable value, as users get Jackery’s legendary craftsmanship with two protection cases and an additional battery at a price that is very reasonable. It’s this relentless focus on quality and value that has established us as the industry’s number one provider of premium portable batteries.”

Leaf #5The Jackery Leaf features a three-color LED charging status indicator for simple operation and a four-layer smart safety protection circuit. Each order includes two cases, the battery, a premium audio extension cable and micro-USB charging cable. It is available now at

In 2013 Jackery established itself as the provider of the most affordable and powerful portable chargers available in the marketplace. Many of Jackery’s products are compatible with Android and iOS devices and also Windows phones, various smartphone and tablet platforms, multiple gaming devices, and MP3 players. The Jackery Leaf joins the Jackery Air, Jackery Fit, Jackery Giant+, Jackery Giant, Jackery Bar and Jackery Mini products. Consumers can purchase the entire Jackery lineup at: or

About Jackery

Leaf #3Jackery is a Santa Clara, California-based technology company focused on developing premium battery products for smartphones and tablets. The company offers a lineup of four products, the Jackery Air, Jackery Giant+, Jackery Giant, Jackery Bar, and Jackery Mini, which all offer considerable charging time and small form factors for owners of the most popular smartphones, tablet devices, MP3 players and gaming devices. For more information, visit

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